Preparing & setting goals for clean eating & working out.

So if you are following along, I am going to attempt for the millionth time to get this clean eating and exercise thing a whirl and concur it.  I’m starting with Ashely Conrad’s 10 day cleanse and following it up with Jamie Eason’s Livefit Trainer.  I’ll talk about why I choose these programs in a later post.

I’ve prepared before.  Cold Turkey style and like a gang buster at the gym.  That lasts all of a few days and I’m back to eating crap and I’m so sore I can’t work out for days.  I’m going to do things differently this time.  I’ve had a couple weeks to think about it and mentally prepare for it.  I know that I’m doing Ashley Conrad’s 10 day Cleanse.  I have all the supplements ready and I’ve looked over the menu plan and made sure I liked the foods and if not, I choose the substitute.  I made a grocery list and found some recipes to add some variety to the things I can eat.  I’m going to prep all my food on Sunday for the week and have my gym bag packed and ready.  I also have a workout partner to make sure I get to the gym.

I have also set some goals.  Short term and long term to reward myself as I progress.  Once I finish my 10 day cleanse I will treat myself to a new outfit.  It may seem foolish at this point to buy new clothes for myself.  In my case, I carry all my weight in my gut, so all my jeans still fit at 150 just like they fit at 135, just a tad tighter around the stomach.  And after this 10 day cleanse I should lose between 5-8 pounds of water weight and shouldn’t be as bloated.  If I am I may hold off on the outfit and buy me a new pair of shoes, cowboy boots to be exact!  Then I’ll buy the outfit after my first four weeks of the Live Fit Trainer.  I have a goal for each of the 4 weeks of the 12 week program and a reward. My long term goal is to finish both, have established a fairly decent clean eating habit, lose some weight and build some muscle.


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