Calculating Calories & Macro’s.

In general this is a formula.  You have to start somewhere to know what works for you.  Once you’ve got your numbers stick to that for a few weeks then change the ratio’s for maximum results for you.  Everyone is different.

Let’s get started…


For Caloric intake you multiply your body weight (BW) by 10 for the low end and by 12 for high end.  Start somewhere between there.  You can adjust as you go…

Formula for Daily Calorie intake –   BW x 10 = Low Daily Calories                BW x 12 = high daily calories

For me right now I took 153 X 10 = 1530  and 153 x 12 = 1836.  So my calorie intake should be some where between 1500-1800.  I’m going with 1600 for my Carb, Protein & Fat macros.

Once you figure out how many calories per day, you need to calculate what percentage of those calories will be Carbs, Protein’s & Fat.


You should have 1-1.5 (x) grams of protein per body weight pound.

Formula for Daily Protein.   x * BW = P  then take P * 4 (number of calories per gram)

You might want to start in the low to mid range for Protein and adjust later.

So my numbers come out like this.   1.5 X 153 =229.5grams.  * 4 = 918 Calorie will be from Protein


I do this by percentage. usually 20-25%. I’ve seen some plans that are higher. Take whatever Percentage of Fat you want to use multiply that by your calorie intake for Calories from fat sources then divide by 9 to get daily grams of fat.

F% * Caloric intake = Calories per fat  /9= grams of fat

my example: I will use 20 %

.20 x 1600 = 320 calories /9 = 35.5grams


Carbs is what is left over.  So add the calories from Protein & Fat and subtract that from total Caloric intake for the day.  Multiply

Protein = 918 calories

Fat = 320 Calories

918 + 320 = 1238

then take 1600-1238 = 362 Calories from Carbs divide by 4 to get grams = 90.5 grams of Carbs

So now you can figure your percent to put in your app.  Like My fitness Pal!

Divide each by your caloric intake

mine would look like this.

Protein 918/1600= 57%  I’d round to 55%

Fat we already know is 20%

Carbs 362/1600 = 23%  round up to 25%

As you lose weight you would you would need to recalculate your caloric intake and your macros.  I would recalculate after 8-10 pounds or so…

You can also look up  there is a calculator then you can play with.  There are many ways and opinions on this.  Just pick one and start from there.  adjust along the way to what works for you.

Your body works harder to break down protein? You burn more calories in the digestion process breaking down protein than you do fat or carbs. Your body also NEEDS more protein to build/spare lean mass – especially on a weight loss diet.

There is always carb cycling and intermittent fasting.  None of which I’ve tried.  But that is to come and when I get there I will blog about.  🙂


Clean eating. Calories & Macros

Here is my next ten days in calories & macros.  Taken from Ashley Conrad’s 10 day cleanse.  I am also following her supplement recommendations. I am not following her nutrition plan 100%.  She has higher good fats than I want to do.  So here is what I’m doing.  Approximately.  I’ll Post later on how to calculate your own calories & macros.

1600-1800 Calories

Protein – 55%  Fat – 20%  Carbs – 25%

Here’s an Example of my food prep for a day

Breakfast – Whole Egg, 3 Egg Whites (hard boiled), Skillet Sweat Potatoes (recipe in my blog), 1 cup Green Peppers (raw)

Lunch – 4 oz grilled chicken over a bed of spinach & romaine lettuce, fat free vidalia onion dressing.  (you can add mushrooms, onions, shredded carrots, etc)

Snack – 1/2 apple with almonds

Dinner – 4 oz Salmon (grilled), Asparagus with Olive oil & seasoning (grilled)

Workout – If I workout at night I do it at least an hour after dinner if not more.  usually sometime between 7-9.

Protein Shake with berries or 1/2 banana, unsweetened almond milk, almond butter (if I haven’t met my fat macros)

I am cutting out all pop and drinking a gallon of water per day.  If I remember I put lemon in at least the morning water. I don’t drink coffee, but I do drink tea.  Unfortunately, its has to be unsweetened.  boo! 😦

You can check out Ashley’s website, programs & products at her site or Body building dot com.  Ashley’s clutch cut is free on body building dot com.  Her cleanse is on her website, you can get the supplements at body building cheaper..  Links below

Today is the day. Day one. Clean eating & Working out

My morning workout was non-existent!  I just couldn’t get up this morning.  So Day one plans started off on the wrong foot.  No worries though, I’ll go this evening and get my workout in.  I’m not going to let it ruin the day.  I prepped all my food for the day and am off to a good start there.

I did weigh myself this morning and measured the thickest part of my waist, which is right below my belly button.

So my stat’s are…  drum roll please!

Height: 5’8″

Weight: 153  (The most I’ve ever weighed, even pregnant)

Waist: 39″

My goals are to weigh between 130-135.  Not sure and not real worried about the weight.  Once I start adding muscle, it may even be higher.  This is a goal I hope to reach in 3-4 months.  I have smaller goals and my first one is to get through this 10 Day cleanse.  All. of. it.  with no cheats and making it to the gym everyday that is scheduled.  If I had to guess I will probably lose 5-10 pounds of water and waste with this cleanse.    I’ll keep you posted.  I’ll weigh in after 5 days and then again after the 10th day.  I generally don’t weigh myself that often.  I believe in NSV’s (Non Scale Victories)

T minus one week.

Well with one week to go I’m going to cut out all pop and stop eating out for lunch.

I typically don’t drink much pop, but here lately I’ve been drinking a Coke or two a day at work or Sweet Tea at home.  I’m going to cut these out this week and drink unsweetened tea or water.  I will allow myself 2 Cokes this week.

I always packed my breakfast & lunch, but I got burned out on it and started eating out a few times a week.  I’m up to 4-5 times a week now and not making healthy choices so this week I will cut back and pack 3 days and eat out 2.   On the days I eat out I will choose mostly healthy options.

I just don’t want to quit cold turkey.  Just want to prepare myself for next week so I do need to cut back.  I will also go to the gym 2-3 times this week and do some light cardio and weights to try and get a routine started.

I plan on blogging my progress as well as what I’m eating daily.   I can eat the same things day in and day out, so you will probably get bored with it.  So I may do Calories and Macros.  Not sure yet.  May depend on the day!

Preparing & setting goals for clean eating & working out.

So if you are following along, I am going to attempt for the millionth time to get this clean eating and exercise thing a whirl and concur it.  I’m starting with Ashely Conrad’s 10 day cleanse and following it up with Jamie Eason’s Livefit Trainer.  I’ll talk about why I choose these programs in a later post.

I’ve prepared before.  Cold Turkey style and like a gang buster at the gym.  That lasts all of a few days and I’m back to eating crap and I’m so sore I can’t work out for days.  I’m going to do things differently this time.  I’ve had a couple weeks to think about it and mentally prepare for it.  I know that I’m doing Ashley Conrad’s 10 day Cleanse.  I have all the supplements ready and I’ve looked over the menu plan and made sure I liked the foods and if not, I choose the substitute.  I made a grocery list and found some recipes to add some variety to the things I can eat.  I’m going to prep all my food on Sunday for the week and have my gym bag packed and ready.  I also have a workout partner to make sure I get to the gym.

I have also set some goals.  Short term and long term to reward myself as I progress.  Once I finish my 10 day cleanse I will treat myself to a new outfit.  It may seem foolish at this point to buy new clothes for myself.  In my case, I carry all my weight in my gut, so all my jeans still fit at 150 just like they fit at 135, just a tad tighter around the stomach.  And after this 10 day cleanse I should lose between 5-8 pounds of water weight and shouldn’t be as bloated.  If I am I may hold off on the outfit and buy me a new pair of shoes, cowboy boots to be exact!  Then I’ll buy the outfit after my first four weeks of the Live Fit Trainer.  I have a goal for each of the 4 weeks of the 12 week program and a reward. My long term goal is to finish both, have established a fairly decent clean eating habit, lose some weight and build some muscle.

Does your child suffer from anxiety?  Do you wonder why a child worries about so much?  Why can’t their childhood be carefree?  Why do they worry about things that they shouldn’t have to worry about at their age?

Why do I have to deal with this?   Why can’t she just be like the other kids and go play?  Why does she need me every waking minute?  I turn around and there she is, afraid I may go somewhere and leave her.  Afraid of the dark. Afraid of her own shadow.  Afraid she won’t pass a test.  Afraid her younger siblings might get something she didn’t.

I just don’t understand.  I’m not a worrier. Things happen, you deal with it, you move on.  So why can’t some people process things.  Why do they hold on to it and make every situation more than it has to be.  Somethings you just can’t change. Worrying and crying and stressing about something  nothing.  Nine times out of ten it ends up that all the worrying and stress was for nothing because the situation or whatever worked out to be okay anyway.  If it didn’t work out the way you’ve planned, life goes on, learn from the mistake and move on.

I often wonder how I failed this child that worries and stresses over every little thing.  Is it hereditary because her aunt is the same way?  Will she grown out of it?  and if so when?

So I take one day at a time.  Some days things go as planned, other days, not so much.  I try not to over process situations or let things bother me.  I worry about certain things, but not to the point that they consume me.  You have to know that life goes, just go with it.  Change the subject in your own head.  You have the power, just control it!   When something bad happens, analyze it, do what needs to be done to fix it the best you can,  think about what you could have done to prevent it, learn from it.  Move on!

I know that is easier said than done for most, but that is my policy…   Move on, life does!  So how do I teach my child this?  Why couldn’t she be more like me and less like my worry wart sister?    I guess only God knows why.  We are dealing with it, working with her to make the best of it and I hope and pray she grows out of it.  It exhausting for all involved.